Welcome Pilgrim !

Short information about the pilgrim house in Tännforsen. If you lack any information please let us know.

Bookings for season 2022 possible. We open 23/5-22, please use e-mail and don’t expect an answer earlier then 17/4-22.

The house has 4+4 beds in two separate rooms. The house has WC/ Shower/ Washing machine. A fully equipped kitchen. TV/ Satellite. WiFi.
Valid code on door for access after booking will be given when you call for confirmation a few days ahead of your arrival.

Please observe:
The housing is only available for pilgrims, with pilgrim-passports, walking the S:t Olavs-path.
No other guest are possible and here we recommend Bed&Breakfasts and Hotels in Åre/ Duved.

Booking ahead of arrival is our preference but last minute arrivals of pilgrims will never be denied. But please observe that you will have to call to be able to stay over night.

Phone: +46 730 403 699
Email: pilgrim@tannforsen.se

Please use references to:
Telephone number
Number of pilgrims
Date/ Dates
Breakfast/ Lunchpack/ Dinner
Booking ahead will include breakfast, lunchpack and dinner or after agreement.
Please note that any food intolerances, or allergies, has to be communicated.
Transportation, of pilgrims or luggage, between Åre and Norwegian border, can be arranged with your booking at Tännforsen Pilgrim House.
Dogs are allowed in house. But for your information it is quite uncommon.
You are allowed to stay several days if needed.
Payment can be made with Cash, Swish or Credit card.

// Most welcome to Tännforsen, Largest waterfall in Sweden